Renaissance Enterprises, Inc. ("REI") maintains that caution and selectivity are the critical criteria in potential urban redevelopment opportunities. Therefore, Renaissance believes profitable asset-by-asset opportunities in the hospitality sector in older urban areas will become new redevelopment vehicles for multi-family and seniors housing.  Renaissance pays careful attention to match the specific market conditions and municipal government agendas with the acquisition or development opportunity.  Not all project developers can handle the demands of significantly repositioning assets to compete in the current environment and Renaissance weighs many factors in identifying these opportunities. 

Because of the obsolescence of many mid-service hotels, Renaissance has begun to see many well-located but older full service properties vacated, as occupancy levels do not support break-even operating overhead. Renaissance believes that its infrastructure in senior apartments and senior care will allow it to create operating solutions for these properties by converting them to congregate care facilities, age-restricted condos, affordable senior housing, and hybrid combinations of senior housing, student housing, and corporate long term stay housing.  Renaissance has identified operating partners that bring the repositioning and marketing skills necessary to make these conversions successful.  Renaissance’s principals have a broad range of hospitality industry relationships that promise a viable deal flow, and Renaissance’s financial partner firms bring specialty financing expertise in structuring these redevelopments.

Renaissance Enterprises, Inc.'s principals believe that its unique melding of real estate investment discipline in a select, related group of asset classes with strategic partnerships with real estate operating and finance companies offers its investors an optimal risk/return opportunity.  The benefits of this structure may be summarized as:

       Multiple revenue generating opportunities from:

       a) Asset acquisition and disposition

       b) Participation in operating company income and value creation

       c) Inventory profits in financial instrument acquisition and disposition

       Increased structuring flexibility that allows for maximum risk/reward arbitrage


       Information gathering opportunities that allow for data base creation as a value-added asset


       Cross fertilization between partners and asset classes that produces enhanced deal flow


       Leverage of the Renaissance platform


       Enhanced exit opportunities because of the diversity of the revenue sources


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